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  • Sham Love Series - Stop That Wedding
Sham Love Series - Stop That Wedding1
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Sunday Morning Rapture
Christian Drama

One day Jesus is coming! You may be at work, you may be at home, you may be awake or you may be asleep. God grant that you will be ready when He makes His personal appearance. What if His appearance occurs on a Sunday Morning?

The Grace Card

Witness the amazing power of forgiveness as Academy Award (R) winning actor Louis Gossett Jr. stars in this gritty drama which poignantly illustrates the everyday opportunities we have to rebuild relationships and heal deep wounds with grace and forgiveness.

How To Love
Christian Drama

Tells a story about a man named Anthony who loses his wife, to an illness and finds it hard to move on. Although Anthony is now single, he struggles with how to build a new relationship with Tiffany. Anthony is uneasy to love again and pushes her away. He finds a letter from his deceased wife, saying that if something happens, to love and marry again. He is ready to let go, let God and move on.

Life, Above All

Chanda, 12 years old, learns of a rumor that spreads like wildfire through her small, dust-ridden village near Johannesburg. It destroys her family and forces her mother to flee. Sensing that the gossip stems from prejudice and superstition, Chanda leaves home and school in search of her mother and the truth. 'Life, Above All' is an emotional and universal drama about a young girl (stunningly performed by first-time-actress Khomotso Manyaka) who fights the fear and shame that have poisoned her community. The film captures the enduring strength of loyalty and a courage powered by the heart. Directed by South African filmmaker Oliver Schmitz ("Mapantsula", "Paris, je t´aime"), it is based on the international award winning and best-selling novel “Chanda’s Secrets” by Allan Stratton.“Emotionally affecting, beautifully acted” Todd McCarthy, Indiewire.Release Date: 27th May 2011Director: Oliver Schmitz Cert: Cast: Khomotso Manyaka, Harriet Lenabe, Keaobaka Makanyane, Lerato Mvelase Language: English & Pedi (English Subtitles) Extras:


Heist: Who Stole the American Dream? exposes the roots of the American economic crisis and the destruction of the American dream. With clear, fact-driven storytelling, Heist unflinchingly reveals the hollowing out of the U.S. economy - the result of four decades of deregulation, massive job outsourcing, and tax policies favoring mega-corporations and wealthy elites.

At Night They Dance

Welcome to the mysterious and dangerous world of a clan of belly dancers in working-class Cairo.Seldom has Egypt's capital been so evocatively captured. A fly-on-the-wall doc exploring the mysterious and hard-knock reality of a typical Egyptian belly dancer clan in working-class Cairo. Unparalleled access to this hidden world leaves the viewer fascinated and surprised that at night they dance.
"Such frankness among Arabic women is all too rare in film …" Variety.

Our Family Wedding

The weeks leading up to a young couple's wedding is comic and stressful, especially as their respective fathers (Whitaker and Mencia) try to lay to rest their feud.

Sleeping Dogs

Eve turns to her fiance's old friends for help making ends meet whilst she cares for him in a coma. But digging up Tommy's past might not be the best thing, for him or Eve.

Runtime: 87
Director(s): Floris Ramaekers
Cast: Liberty Mills, Jon Campling. David L Rooney

Mother Of George

In this dazzlingly beautiful romantic drama, a Nigerian woman living in Brooklyn must make a choice which could have dire consequences when she has failed to conceive a child a year after her glorious wedding.

Viva Riva

Kinshasa. A melting pot of crime, corruption, drugs and debauchery where the poor have nothing and the rich live as kings and queens. Money is everything in this sleepless city, and if you've got it, anything can be yours.When Riva, a young, impetuous entrepreneur, returns from a successful trip across the border with his pockets full of cash he has only one thing on his mind - to p... Starring:Patsha Bay,Manie Malone Runtime:1 hour, 33 minutes

Heart Of Fire

Based on a true story, this is the life of Awet who grows up in an orphanage until her Eritrean freedom fighter father wants her back.
Starring:Letekidan Micael,Andreas Bareiss Runtime:1 hour, 28 minutes

Miss Bala

The story of a young woman clinging on to her dream to become a beauty contest queen in a Mexico dominated by organized crime.
Starring:Stephanie Sigman,Noé Hernández Runtime:1 hour, 48 minutes


A group of journalists visit a small village in Janjaweed territory in Darfur under the protection of the African Union in this gritty film. They see how the Sudanese live in fear of rape, torture and murder. Then the militia show up and threaten to kill the journalists if they don't leave. Starring:Billy Zane,Matt Frewer Runtime:1 hour, 34 minutes

Johnny Mad Dog

Shot in a docu-realist style, this powerful film portrays the atrocities of a civil war in an unnamed African nation. It follows a ferocious battalion of trigger-happy boy soldiers as they browbeat, exploit and murder all who stand in their way in their mission to overthrow a tinpot dictator. Starring:Christophe Minie,Daisy Victoria Vandy Runtime:1 hour, 34 minutes

Dancing for Dollars

Erotic dancing goes under the spotlight in this adult documentary. It is an honest and compelling portrait of what goes on behind the glittered curtain. We see on-stage performances, behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with the women who make it all happen. Runtime:1 hour, 26 minutes


Indebted is the tale of Elli (Heidi Linden), a biology student with mounting bills, currently working two jobs but still struggling to make ends meet. When a one night stand misunderstands the nature of their encounter and leaves her €300 she succumbs to the idea of prostituting herself to make money.


Rocksteady: The Roots of Reggae

County Kilburn

Mickey. the pub's young barman, is sure that his job is preventing him from 'getting on' in life. So he's returning to Ireland to take up a job with his brother. This, his last week, should be his most enjoyable...Fat chance!The landlord is in hospital, and Mickey is left in charge. The regulars appear on cue, taking the same seats in front of the same drinks at the same time as every other day. If only everything else about them was as predictable...With the eccentricities, ravings and antics, Mickey's own girl trouble, and the bizarre characters that pass through the pub, it's now shaping up to be the worst week of his life. But as the last day approaches and the madness reaches its climax, Mickey comes to understand the real people behind the regulars, and more importantly, that for all of them the pub represents a home from home - a haven where all their problems can be forgotten. He'd be crazy not to stay...

Sound It Out
Life Style

The very last record shop in Teesside, UK. Over the last five years an independent record shop has closed in the UK every three days. SOUND IT OUT (75 mins) is a documentary portrait of the very last surviving vinyl record shop in Teesside, North East England. A cultural haven in one of the most deprived areas in the UK, SOUND IT OUT documents a place that is thriving against the odds and the local community that keeps it alive. Directed by Jeanie Finlay who grew up three miles from the shop. A distinctive, funny and intimate film about men, the North and the irreplaceable role music plays in our lives.

Anchor Baby

Anchor Baby is an emotionally charged tale of an illegal immigrant couple from Nigeria, pregnant Joyce (Omoni Oboli) and Paul Unanga (Sam Sarpong) who are on the run from the U.S. immigration, desperately hoping Joyce will give birth in the U.S. so their child can become an American citizen.